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Will's Priorities

Texas Energy & Prosperity

Will is the only candidate who is a businessman and has spent his entire career in oil and gas, one of Texas’ most important industries and one that is under direct attack by the Biden Administration. In 2020, Texas oil and gas companies paid almost $14 billion in tax and royalty income to the state of Texas and county governments. This money funds our schools and builds and maintains our infrastructure. Furthermore, according to a recent economic impact report, in 2019 the industry directly employed over 600,000 Texans, and indirectly supported a further 1.9 million jobs in the state, accounting for over 22% of Texas’ pre-pandemic workforce.  

This industry matters to Texas and the residents of District 133. Will also knows how important reliable, low-cost energy is to Texas families, and will seek to ensure that the energy transition occurs on a free market’s basis, not on a government mandated or subsidized basis. No other candidate can match the nearly three decades of experience that Will can bring to Austin.

Secure our Borders

“DC, we have a problem.” A nation without borders is no nation at all, and Will knows that Texas is under strain from the crisis at the border. In the 2021 fiscal year, Border Patrol agents arrested over 1.6 million migrants attempting to illegally cross the U.S.-Mexico border, setting an all-time record--and that number does not include those who made it into the country illegally. According to the Pew Research Center, Texas border crossings were up anywhere from 118% (Laredo sector) on a year over year basis to 543% in the Del Rio sector. Since DC won’t deal with the problem, Will is committed to using State funding to secure the Texas border and then will pursue the Biden Administration for not doing their job.

Stand With Our Police

Radical movements to defund the police have no place in Texas. He will fight any attempt by activists to reduce funding for police, and work with first responders to find smart solutions to lower crime and make our communities safer.

Will has done more than just talk about standing up for the police: after Hurricane Harvey, the Franklins brought local leaders together to create the Memorial Villages First Responder Relief Fund, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for first responders who become victims of hardship.

Promote Excellence in Education

Texas schools belong to Texans, not to school administrators and teachers' unions. Our schools should be focused on giving Texas students basic, fundamental knowledge and skills that will allow them to be productive members of the Texas' economy post-graduation. Our schools are not a place for indoctrination, teaching of self-hatred or hatred toward others, nor are they a place where children should be encouraged to explore their sexuality. Texas students deserve solid math, reading, and science skills, an understanding of civics and American government, an opportunity to explore the arts and sports, and good vocational skills for those who don't intend to go to college.

Support the 2nd Amendment

The 2nd Amendment is our ultimate check and balance to ensure the government remains of the people and for the people.  Americans have a constitutional right to bear arms, and no government entity in America has the right to do away with those rights without due process.

Protect Life

I believe that life begins at conception and that life is the most basic human right worth defending. Without life, we can have neither liberty, nor can we pursue happiness.

Ensure Election Integrity

Recent legislation passed by the Texas Legislature and signed by Governor Abbott sets standards to ensure fair and consistent elections across the state.  In addition, it is critical that we secure the Texas border so that we know who is in Texas and that we prevent fraudulent ballots from being submitted by non-citizens.

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